SRO under MahaRERA

SRO under MahaRERA

We are proud to announce that CREDAI-Pune Metro has earned the distinction of being a designated Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) under MahaRERA, holding Certification No. P7 dated 13-12-2023, valid until 12-12-2028.

With this prestigious registration, CREDAI-Pune Metro takes on the responsibility to perform the following vital activities :

  • Promoting Compliance : Encouraging its members to adhere to the provisions of the Act, applicable rules, regulations, orders, or circulars issued by MahaRERA.
  • Awareness and Education : Taking charge of conducting awareness and education activities among its members to foster a culture of understanding and compliance.
  • Standard of Conduct : Specifying a standard of conduct for its members and overseeing the diligent implementation of these standards.
  • Harmonious Governance : Ensuring that the governing norms of the Association align seamlessly with the Rules, Regulations, Circulars, and orders of MahaRERA.
  • Adaptable Responsibilities : Discharging any other functions specified by MahaRERA from time to time, showcasing the organization's adaptability and commitment.

In the pursuit of fulfilling its SRO responsibilities, CREDAI-Pune Metro has established a dedicated "MahaRERA Assistance Cell" at Office No. T-4 Nucleus Tower, 3rd floor, Church Road, Pune 411001.

This specialized cell comprises experienced legal professionals and liaison officers, equipped to address various aspects :

  • Project Registration : Resolving issues related to the registration of projects from member developers within PMC, PCMC, and MRDA areas.
  • Quarterly Compliance Support : Assisting members in navigating and addressing issues related to quarterly compliance mandated by MahaRERA.
  • Provision Understanding : Guiding members in comprehending the intricate provisions of the Act, Rules, Regulations, and various circulars issued by MahaRERA.
  • Timely Communication : Circulating relevant orders and circulars issued by MahaRERA to ensure all members are well-informed.
  • Project Oversight : Providing guidance to members concerning their lapsed and stressed projects based on the list received from MahaRERA.
  • Conciliation Facilitation : Streamlining the handling of conciliation cases allotted by MahaRERA for efficient resolution.

Since its inception in September 2022, the MahaRERA Assistance Cell has successfully addressed approximately 1800 member issues, offering invaluable guidance and support in resolution processes. CREDAI-Pune Metro remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of governance, compliance, and member support as it continues to play a pivotal role in shaping a responsible and accountable real estate ecosystem.

Certificate of SRO received from MahaRERA