Grievance Cell

Grievance Cell

Working Procedure of the Grievance Cell


1) The object of setting of the Grievance Cell is to resolve the grievance/ complaints against the Members of the Association amicably. It is to be noted that the Grievance Cell shall not function as Quasi-Judicial Authority or as an Arbitrator but it only acts as a Mediator/ facilitator.

2) The Committee shall consist of three Senior Vice Presidents. The senior most Vice President shall be the Chairman of the Committee. The said Committee will review the status.

3) The Secretariat shall accept the complaints in respect of the Member of the Association only in the form of hard copy supported by relevant documents filed / delivered to the CREDAI-Pune metro office at Nucleus Mall, 3rd floor along with the along with the nonrefundable processing fee.

4) In order for Association to effectively redress the complaint, the complainant is advised to clearly mention issues which need resolution, explicitly in the complaint.

5) No complaints between Members to Member shall be admitted by the Association.

6) CREDAI-Pune Metro can only entertain complaints if the same are not filed in any other court or any other quasi-judicial process. Therefore complainant is required to provide a declaration that the matter of the complaint is not being adjudicated in any other forum.

7) Since the matter of mediating the complaints between the complainant and the developer is sensitive, and often issues are created on account of misunderstandings, once CREDAI-Pune Metro takes up the matter, the complainant is required to refrain from any other method of publicity or going to any other forum / making online posts etc. as such actions normally compromise our effort to get final result. In case the complainant posts negative comments or issues pertaining to the developer during the pendency of the mediation, CREDAI retains the right to discontinue the mediation, and issue its findings in favour of the developer citing the non-cooperation of the complainant to arrive at a solution.

8) If an individual is representing any society/AOP/Group then a formal resolution as well as power of attorney authorizing a person to lodge complaint as well as the authority to arrive at any settlement that will be binding on all the concerned.

9) The Management has decided to charge processing fees amounting to Rs.10000/- in case of individuals and Rs.25000/- in case of the institutions/ Group of People/Society. It may also please be noted that this processing charges are non-refundable and are non-committal for any solutions and without any prejudice. Cheque is to be issued in favour of CREDAI-Pune Metro. 
 Incase at the discretion of CREDAI-Pune Metro, the Association is unable to take up the process of resolution of the problem for any reason, then CREDAI-Pune Metro shall refund the entire amount paid by the complainant.

10) The Secretariat shall seek comments from the Member against whom the complaint has been filed.

11) The letter addressed to the complainant shall be sent asking him to pay the processing charges which are non-refundable and non-committal fees as decided by the Managing Committee from time to time. If the complainant fails to pay the fees within 15 days from the letter, the case shall be treated as closed.

12) The concerned Member against whom the complaint has been filed has to respond within 21 days from the date of receipt of the letter from the Association. In case the response within the said period is not received, the same is to be brought to the notice of the Grievance Committee for action.

13) On receipt of the comments from the Member, same shall be sent to the complainant.

14) If find deemed necessary by the committee, the members of the committee may carry out inspection of the site.

15) If the Complainant is not satisfied by the reply of the Member and if issue is not resolved the committee shall call both the parties for personal hearing and tries to resolve the issue.

16) The Committee will issue a suitable order after hearing both the parties and close the matter.

17) The Grievances once resolved shall not be entertain for the same complaint of the same parties.

18) The issues which have been accepted and resolved and no communications from the complainants for the period of three months the issue should not be taken up again.