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Satbara Extract also known as 7/12

Satbara Extract also known as 7/12 or Satbara Utara or Seven Twelve Extract or  Satbara Extract is an extract from the land register maintained by the revenue department of the government of Maharashtra, India.

The extract gives information of the survey number of the land, the name of the owner of the land and its cultivator, the area of the land, the type of cultivation - whether irrigated or rain fed, the crops planted in the last cultivating season. It also records loans extended to the land owner given by government agencies, including the purpose - such as loans or subsidies for buying seeds, pesticides or fertilizers, for which the loan was given, the loans could be given to the owner or the cultivator. It is one of the documents that provides evidence of the ownership of the land it represents. In rural areas the ownership of a particular plot of land can be established on the basis of the 7/12 extract. It is called as "Record of Rights"or "Record of Land Rights". As per a news in  2009, 2.11 crore extracts in all the 358 talukas of the state of Maharashtra have been digitized. This digitization has been implemented as promoted by India's central government. In April 2012, online mutation to the extract has started in 3 centres in Pune, these mutations will record changes subsequent to transfer of ownership. This is system connetivity between the offices of the sub-register (Department of Registration and Stamps), the tehsildar (Revenue department) and the Land records department.

The name originates from Bombay Land Requisition Act 1948 (see point 7. Continuance of requisition (page4) and 12. Power to obtain information (page12)).

Why is Satbara (7/12) document required?

  •     Satbara serves as proof of ownership/ title  of agricultural land.
  •     It can be used to check any previous conflicts associated with the property.
  •     In case of any civil litigation, court may also require the land records' proofs.
  •     Satbara is also a required document for sale transaction at sub-registrar's office.
  •     This proof is also required if one wants to raise loan against this property.

Satbara also mentions classification of the land (“Bhogavatadar Varg”), if it is under any kind of classified land (i.e. forest, allotted or owned by protected or scheduled or government recognized section of the society, such as allotted to defense personnel, scheduled cast and tribes, firefighters, etc). Collector’s permission is required while dealing in Class II land. If permission is not taken, the transaction is illegal.

How to obtain copy of Satbara Extract?

State Revenue department of government i.e. Talati office of respective village maintains the Satbara records.It provides the document for a nominal fee.In case of the transfer ownership, the document is to be submitted with the name of owner on whose name the transfer is being made.

Can we view Satbara Extract Online?

Yes, visit . One needs to know the district, taluka, village name, and survey number of the land to obtain the document. However, the website is meant for reference purpose only, for legal reasons, one must obtain physical copy from respective revenue office.