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Pune, Growing Choice of Migrants!

According to the World Economic Forum's report on 'Migration and Cities', India is home to one-fourth of the 100 fastest-growing cities in the world. The interstate migration in India doubled between 2001 and 2011 compared to the previous decade, with Pune and Surat attracting highest percentage increase  in the Asian region besides Guangzhou and Davao City, says a WEF report.


Interestingly, Migrants choose Pune over costly & crowded Mumbai. The high cost of living and overcrowding in Mumbai is bringing more migrants to the city. This was revealed in a report by the World Economic Forum, titled Migration and its Impact on Cities, which said Pune has now emerged as a counter magnet of Mumbai.


"It is now a preferred destination for many citizens in Maharashtra for job opportunities, education, healthcare services, real estate investment and better quality of life, among others, given that Mumbai is already crowded with a comparatively higher cost of living," said the report about Pune.


The report noted that Pune has been witnessing a constant flow of migration from other states as well.


"Migrants are drawn to cities in search of economic, social and creative opportunities," said Alice Charles, Lead, Cities, World Economic Forum.


The report looked at the solutions implemented or initiated to meet the needs of the migrant population, particularly in the delivery of vital urban infrastructure and services like housing, education, health, employment, integration and social cohesion, and safety and security.


"Partnerships between cities will have greater prominence in the years to come, with possibilities of migrant redistribution and responding to labour market needs with immigrants," said Gregory Hodkinson, Chairman, Arup Group Ltd; Chair of the World Economic Forum Future of Urban Development and Services Initiative. 


Source: Times of India, Oct 25, 2017  & Oct 29, 2017

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