President’s desk

President’s desk

credai maharashtra pune metro presidentGreetings! 

At the outset I take this opportunity to thank you all for electing me as a President – of CREDAI Pune Metro a prestigious Association.This is a great honour, and also a great responsibility. There have been excellent leaders prior to my taking over as a President and I must work hard to match their accomplishments


Every president must bring his or her own vision to the table. Mine is to see the benefits of PMRDA's excellent town planning expanded across the entire region. We have seen PMRDA's excellent work in the PCMC region. Pune, can also be transformed with an 'infrastructure first' approach to development. As we all know, infrastructure is the lifeline that makes all our work successful. This can happen with PMRDA's support.  

But ensuring proper infrastructure is also our responsibility. CREDAI is the custodians of the future development blueprint of the city. We are the advocates of the real estate market to various government bodies. Let us leverage this advantage and campaign strongly for better infrastructure in the Pune region. After all, we are not only building projects - we are building the city. You will be happy to note that in the managing committee 6 youth members have been included.


I would like to share my vision and mission for the term 2021-2023 for which I would like to have your support.


  • I would like to reach out to each and every member of the Association through Dialogues, meetings, interactive workshop etc.
  • It would be my endevour to attend to the concerns of the members.
  • Building connect between Developers and other stake holders
  • To strengthen the membership of CREDAI-Pune Metro for inclusive growth.
  • To encourage members to adopt new technology through seminars, expert interaction, study tour, workshop etc.
  • To create new leaders from amongst the youth and women’s wing by their involvement.
  • To promote sustainable growth and green building
  • We would be taking steps for branding of City and the Association.
  • Focus on data analysis and market promotion
  • Promotion of labour welfare through awards for best facilities at construction sites.

Thank you once again for your trust in my leadership. I look forward to working together with each one of you, to make our voice heard and to ensure the wellbeing of our members, businesses, our costumer, and the city.

I promise you, that I will have dialogue with you, every month and will update on the progress towards our dreams through this bulletin.


Few words of causes, we are witnessing the 2nd wave of COVID 19, take care of your labours at construction sites, and take all precautions as per the Govt. Guidelines.We have spoken to the Govt. authorities for allowing our back office staff members, engineers, and supervisors to attend their work at site and at the office accordingly they have issued the guidelines.


With regards,

Anil Pharande