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You should break these conventional rules for small space decoration

Decorating a small space is a project full of fears owing to the innumerable rules and regulations you keep hearing every now and then. At every step you are filled with a doubt for your décor. Those conventional rules actually haunt people, which restrict their choice of interior decoration so much, that they end up decorating their small space in a way that does not satisfy them even a wee bit. For escaping such an unpleasant situation, you ought to get away with some rules. Here are some of the conventional small space decorating rules that you must break:

Don’t use dark colors

People living in a small apartment are time and again told not to go for dark colors while decorating their space. As a result, they completely forget about using such colors and they stick to light and boring ones. Rather than believing in this notion blindly, you need to understand one thing that if done right, even dark colors look extraordinary in a small space. They provide depth and the much-desired dimension to a room, which light colors sometimes fail to provide. So break this rule by giving your small space proper deep hues, and feel the good difference.

Avoid lots of patterns

If your bathroom is small, just don’t even think of installing a textured wallpaper, or else the space will appear cramped. Well, this is not true always. There are some cases when people installed textured wallpaper in their small space, it transformed into an exciting and a pleasant space. It made the space so interesting that hardly anybody could pay attention to its small space.

Besides, people are taught that using a variety of textures in a small space makes it appear even smaller. You can look for yourself in the picture how cool this small space is looking with such gorgeous wallpaper on the wall and a zebra patterned rug on the floor. You just have to keep a tip in mind, that the scale of different patterns must vary, or else they might make the space overwhelming.

Only use small furniture

It is in the head of people residing in small apartments that they cannot go for big furniture pieces because they hear this or read it numerous times. However, this is just like another small space decoration myth that needs to be debunked.

There is nothing stopping you from taking big and lavish furniture home provided you do not take a lot many of them. It is just about learning a balancing act, as in if you go in for small-scale furniture, you can have a good number of them in your small home. On the other hand, you should focus only on a few full-size furniture pieces if you want to maintain comfort and calmness in your small space.

Minimalist décor is all what you can have

According to some small space decorating rules, a small apartment can only have a minimalist décor. This means no photo frames, books and accessories in a room. Rubbish this rule is and you should break it now. You can have your favorite accessories and other items on display that give you solace.

No matter how cramped up a space is, you can still have little of everything. Take out some time to take into consideration every collection of yours, so that you can make out what is worth displaying and what not. Take out those best items from your collection and display it will certainly look nice.

Having small rooms is certainly not an advantage but trying desperately to make them appear larger is no good solution at all. One should stop focusing to make it appear bigger and concentrate making it appear the best.