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All that you need to know about Tuscan style home décor

All that you need to know about Tuscan style home décor

Tuscan style of home décor is a lovely blend of natural things and a classy old look. With the wonderful use of organic factors and colours Tuscan, home decor helps you create harmonious and stylish homes.

The essentials of Tuscan style home decor are as follows

Use of earth tone colours

There is lots of use of earth tone colours. Use of different shades of coffee colour, a deep blue colour which represents lakes, yellow colour depicting the sun or different shades of olive green ,all possible rustic colours are included in Tuscan style home decor.

Wonderful use of stone

For designing your home in the Tuscan style make sure that you use stone in the kitchen, bathroom and near the fireplace. Normally three types of stones are used. Granite is durable and looks amazing but it is expensive. For that natural look, limestone is a better choice but it can get stained easily. Marble is soft and can be used in bathrooms but not recommended for kitchen countertops.

Unpolished metal

If Tuscan home decor is your theme then you have to opt for unpolished metal. You can mainly go in for tin for photo frames and other accessories but you can also use other forms of unpolished metals like copper and iron.

Make use of perfect Tuscan Italian furnishings

For the furnishings too you have to opt for a typical earthy look. You can use a combination of wood and metal. You can also incorporate slate, ceramic, stone etc. Only things that you need to take care that the furnishings should not give that shiny and lustrous look to the decor.

Decorate the walls of your living room the Tuscan way

Give a rustic look to the walls with metal hooks, racks and book holders. Wrought iron can be used for the purpose. You can go in for a wall painting which will remind you of the old Italian style and culture.

Tuscan styled kitchen

For the kitchen opt for Tuscan gold and cream colours. The tiling should be of ceramic or marble. Choose wall hangings or paintings of vineyard and fruits. You can opt for floral design table cloths like white background and prints of sunflower or poppies. Even the utensils that you display should have an Italian touch. You can make use of pitchers, canisters etc.

Tuscan style bedroom

Let your bedroom also have that old charm. You can have an Italian plate’s wall decor on the walls or a Tuscan picture frame. On the side table, you can have round candlesticks. Make your bedroom look charming with an old European style mirror. The bed sheets should have earthy colours. You can go for shades of brown or coffee.

The Tuscan-styled bathroom

Make use of marble flooring. The washbasin can be of typical Italian style. Make use of metal holders for keeping towels. The plumbing fittings also need to be of a Tuscan theme. You can opt for stylish plumbing fittings, shower curtains and hooks but do not compromise on the rustic look. You can make use of ceramic bath accessories

Do not neglect the outdoors

You can decorate the outdoors with protected metal furniture. There are also varieties of weather resistant cane furniture available which can be used. Make use of stone and terra cotta for the patio. Give the stairs an earthy finish. The mats and rugs that you use should have natural prints and patterns.

Go for a Tuscan style of decor for your homes. Make use of elements like earth tone colours, stones and metal to give your home an elegant look.

Source: Hometone.com