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Creating a perfect blend of a Bohemian style ambiance at your home

To create a masterpiece out of your house, the interior decoration should complement your imagination. For a shabby –chic flavor blended in a contemporary style and traditional pizzazz, most people chose a bohemian styled décor. Because it combines vivid hues, vintage furniture, and chic style together, this is the most chosen style in home décor.

These homes are inherent of a vivid personality and merge bold shades and patterns in an artistic flair to create a warm ambiance for the place. Here are ways of creating such an ambiance in your interior decoration.

A color palette that is vibrant and exotic

Creating a bohemian look is not at all about throwing random bold colors at random places. This form of interior decoration is also a thoroughly planned execution. The décor may look unruly, but the first rule of a bohemian décor is choosing bright and vibrant colors against a light background. It is completely up to you how bold you wish the colors to be. If you are looking for a strong boho-effect you can keep earthy colors such as deep browns, beige, rust, brick, blues, and greens.

In the tapestries and art pieces, you can go for tones like purple, fiery orange, and electric blue. Add a few silver and gold touches here and there. You can do so by adding metallic lamps, appliances, lanterns, tea trays or bowls to complete the boho look.

Add patterns

You can add a variety of ethnic prints in vivid colors to your bohemian home. This can be done by curtains, carpets, tapestries, pillows, bedcovers, or more simply large-scale print wallpaper. In a bohemian style décor, there is no such thing as too much pattern, and the ceiling could use your attention too. Decorate the ceiling with print wallpaper or hanging tapestries.

Material used

The key in a boho-style room is mix and match. You can use natural as well as synthetic material to create a balance. Use burlap and sisal and mix it with silk and chenille. If you have an old clothing material that you love too dearly but cannot wear anymore, you can add it to your room. Most interior decorators find that worn-out materials are more trendy than new, bright and shiny ones in this situation.

Shopping for furniture

Vintage and mix-matched furniture are the pillars of a bohemian décor. To collect such pieces you may have to pay more than one visit to your local thrift store, flea markets and garage sales. These are the places where you can find furniture that is collected over time and has a history. These second-hand furniture items when mixed and matched find home in a bohemian room.

They enhance the vibrant setting when they are repainted with bright colors or just left with their original wear and tear to tell a story. A quick tip for a chic home décor  is to use a range of random chairs around a second-hand table. For a matching theme, you can use identical seat covers or cushions on the chairs.

Indoor plants and accessories arranged as clutter

The bohemian lifestyle is inspired by its nature of freedom and flow in nature, and what better to represent it than some indoor plants. To add life to the room, you can use hanging plants or potted plants. Along with an element of liveliness, they will also add a great shade of green. Bohemian style ambiance is often associated with planned placement of clutter.

What we are calling “clutter” is actually a haphazard arrangement of your accessories such as totems, paintings, art, hookah pipes, musical instruments, vases, trophies, books or more. This is not clutter collected due to irresponsible cleaning habits, but pieces placed together with intentional thought.

Hammocks and libraries

Bohemian style is a lovely interior design that incorporated a range of elements within itself. Characterized as carefree, it gives you the freedom of experimenting with your décor. If you have ample of space you can place a hammock in place with the furniture and add uniqueness to the room. A collection of old hardback books is a chic statement. You can use a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling or long shelves mounted high arrangement for your old books.

Creating a bohemian style ambiance for your house gives you a freedom to express yourself in the bluntest and boldest fashion. Though the style is obviously carefree, there are elements in the décor that demand utmost care and an eye for exotic pieces.

Source: hometone.com