Benefits to Property Buyers

Benefits to Property Buyers

CREDAI-Pune Metro Members - Preferred Choice of Property Buyers

The CREDAI-Pune Metro is the pioneer institution of Promoters and Developers from Pune established in 1982. CREDAI-Pune Metro is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and under Society Act 1860 and registered with Charity Commissioner Pune. It has also taken license under Shop and Establishment Act. 

It is serving for more than 33 years and proactively supporting the Government in framing various regulations and policies in the public interest. It has been in the forefront in promoting the Construction Industry as a profession. 

It has 17 expert committees and has a strong membership of 425 plus Promoters and Developers which accounts for about 70% of the construction activities in Pune and discharges corporate social responsibilities directly and through its members.

The Association has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificates by Zenith Quality Assessors affiliated to ASCB (E) up accrediting and certifying bodies - UK in the year 2009.


  • Credibility: A trust worthy national authority for Real Estate Purchase Experience
  • Reliability: A reliable partner for all your property needs
  • Government Affiliation: A body trusted and affiliated by several Government Authorities
  • Quality: Stringent quality mandates for complete quality assurance
  • Convenience: A consolidated Real Estate platform for enhanced experience.
  • Skilled Manpower: Work force trained by KUSHAL – an initiative towards labour force development 

Property Exhibitions

  • CREDAI-Pune Metro organizes Annual Mega Property exhibitions to show case projects of its members and it has become a trusted exhibition for last ten years and there has been an overwhelming response because of the brand. Organization also publishes exhibition directory.
  • Virtual Property Exhibition: CREDAI-Pune Metro is again a pioneer Association in holding Virtual, On-line, property exhibition to show case projects of its members which had an overwhelming response from national international customers.

Grievance Cell

The object of setting of the Grievance Cell is to resolve the grievance/ complaints against the Members of the Association amicably. It is to be noted that the Grievance Cell shall not function as Quasi Judicial Authority or as an Arbitrator but it only acts as a Mediator.