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Sargam 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK apartments, seven 31-storey towers represented by 'seven swaras' each. The harmony of the swaras can be seen in the planning & designing aspect of the neighborhood also with it sharing its boundaries with both Nanded City Public School and the proposed apartments. 12.6 acres of construction area & 12.1 acres of open space bring the Construction Area to Open Space Ratio to 1:1, 4 elevators, A dedicated stretcher/ fire lift for each tower.

Pancham 2 BHK apartments, five 31-storey towers, a 9.8 acre neighborhood with 4.5 acres of green space is set inside the 700-acre gated community - Nanded City, Pune and shares close proximity with Nanded City school, Destination Centre I and Kridaangan Sports Complex. Stationing eight apartments per floor in its 31 story, high rise structure; the apartments are efficiently planned to maximize the inflow of natural sunlight and ventilation throughout the day.